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Suspension Overhauling & Recalibrating

Wheel alignment, overhauling suspension and recalibration are necessary to make repairs and adjustments to your vehicle

The suspension system of your vehicle includes some complex components that are designed to work in combination with each other. This eliminates undulations and vibrations caused due to the surface of the road along with providing a smooth and comfortable driving experience. Coil springs and shock absorbers are the main suspension components that work together to provide a cushion for the vehicle by absorbing the effects of any potholes or imperfections in the road. You should ensure that for the effective working of the brakes and tyres, they need to be in full contact with the road. This is possible by maintaining a good suspension system to enjoy stability and maximum comfort from your vehicle.

A vehicle’s suspension system usually does not break overnight. The main suspension parts gradually lose their performance over time and the driver often does not feel the decrease in the performance of the suspension.

It is advised to get your car’s suspension checked at regular intervals or after every 20,000 km and a change of suspension is required after 80,000 km.

The suspension components required for your car depends on the model and make of your vehicle. Presently cars have a complex suspension system that is either pneumatic (air type) or hydraulic (Fluid type) or a combination of the two. AT PAB Auto Maintenance we ensure a complete suspension overhauling of your vehicle keeping all the components in mind. We will provide you with a list of solutions to eliminate any suspension issues of your vehicle. We conduct suspension overhaul generally on the front unless the car has independent Rear suspension.

Problems & Replacement of Your Car Suspension

Suspension is more like a Shock Absorber System which besides supporting the car chassis also saves the vehicle on bumpy roads. The various parts like shock absorbers, shafts, coil springs, link units, joints and many others provide stability to the car. The suspension system is attached to the wheels and goes under the body of the car.

Cars in Dubai have to drive over rough and sandy terrains. A good suspension will help drive with ease but a car with weak suspension will have to face certain problem like increased vibration level of cars, loud sound from under the body and steering vibrations when the ignition is switched on. But all such issues can be solved by getting the car suspension overhauled.