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Oil & Filter Change (Major / Minor Service)

Allow your car's engine to run smoothly with frequent oil and filter change

Regular change of oil and oil filter can lengthen the life of your car’s engine. Oil works like a thin cushion separating metal components preventing their contact, as the parts are constantly rotating and banging against each other. Oil also works like a sealant and a coolant in the combustion chamber reducing the gap between the piston rings and cylinder wall and in the process cools all the engine parts. Oil besides cleaning the engine of dirt, dust and combustion of by-products, tends to neutralize acids preventing metal from being corroded. Oil contains antioxidants protecting the car from breaking down.

When you come to us at PAB Auto Maintenance for a Car Repair Oil change service our certified mechanics visually check the following items and topup if needed.

  • Engine Air Filter
  • Brake Oil
  • Power Steering Oil
  • Automatic Transmission Oil
  • Coolant

PAB Auto Maintenance Check is fast and efficient covering all the preventive maintenance schedule of your vehicle. After extensively checking your vehicle we provide you with a specifically written report.

All You Would like to Know About Oil Change

To serve you better we specify multi-viscosity oil with 5W-30 specifications. This oil is thin that can pump when cool but becomes thick on heating.

The most important cause of premature engine wear and damage is using the wrong oil viscosity. It usually occurs during cold starts ie when the vehicle has not been running for more than three to four hours. The viscosity is written in the owner’s manual or stamped on the oil filter cap. Be very specific about the oil viscosity as any different viscosity will result in engine damage. The lower the viscosity number, the oil will be lighter performing better at low temperatures. On the contrary the second number denotes the oil’s thickness at high temperatures. The best recommended oils are 5W-30 or 5W-20 engine oils that perform well at both high and low temperatures while helping to improve gas mileage.

Oil usually has a shelf life of five years so it is recommended not to use oil if it is kept in your garage for over five years. Ensure that you do not overfill your engine with oil even if the oil is leaking or burning fast. An overfilled engine results in extra oil consumption that could destroy the catalytic converter. Moreover air keeps entering the engine changing the oil into foam that instead of cooling or lubricating overheats the engine parts leading to wear and tear.

In case you find yourself with critically low engine oil, instead of driving without oil that will destroy your engine it is better to fill the wrong oil to restore the oil level. But later you can go for an oil change. Mixing brands of the same viscosity does not cause any problems to your engine.

For high mileage cars HM oil is required to keep your engine running as it is anti corrosive with anti neutralizing features. High Mileage oil has seal conditioners and additives to rejuvenate brittle and old seals and improve film strength with hot oil respectively. HM Oil is certainly expensive but it is worth the price when it comes to running high mileage engine.

Oil filters work by preventing foreign suspended particles in the oil from entering the engine parts and bearings. It is recommended to buy the best oil filter if you are using synthetic oil or if you change oils after longer intervals. Newer engines are presently using Cartridge filters in place of the old spin o designs. It is not essential to use larger filters instead of a small one as oil filters are specifically applied.

Several fluids are used in a vehicle for operating steering, brake, engine cooling, transmission and other systems. It is best to follow the recommended schedule for services as any incorrect level of these fluids may damage the various components of the car.

  • Brake Fluid – a hydraulic fluid that protects the hydraulic brake components
  • Coolant – a mixture of antifreeze and water that maintains the temperature of the engine
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid – an oil based fluid that cools and lubricates transmission, providing hydraulic pressure for automatically shifting gears.

Clean air filters are necessary for reducing engine wear & tear, boosting fuel mileage and increasing the performance of your engine.

It is the battery that starts the car and supplies all its power needs. A weak battery causes the starters and alternators to stress especially in extreme temperatures.