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Common Car battery problems should be immediately tackled to keep your car in running condition

A well functioning car battery is essential for the successful running of your vehicle and in case of a battery failure it leaves you stranded on the road. PAB Auto Maintenance offers quality services as regards all your battery needs. We carry out the testing of your vehicle’s battery determining its present condition. We are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment ensuring that both the car battery and its charging system are working perfectly. Our professional technicians are there to check the alternator, water level and the capability to deliver current. They will inform you if your battery requires service or replacement. Our team is at your service to advise you on how to look after the battery of your vehicle making sure that it remains in a stable and good condition. In fact our helpful staff and service coordinators are trained to provide fast and reliable battery service assistance all over Dubai at incomparable prices.

  • Performing computerized battery tests
  • Testing of the battery cable and cleaning the battery cable terminals of any corrosion
  • Complete Checking of the battery and the electric system
  • Replacement of the car battery if required
  • Proper disposal of the old battery

All you would like to know about the Car Battery

There are certain typical questions about vehicle batteries which should be answered to give an idea of its condition

  • Is the Battery fully charged?
  • How much charging does it require?
  • Does the battery meet the specifications of the manufacturer?
  • How long will the battery last?
  • Has there been any deterioration in the condition of the battery?
  • Do the safety devices work effectively?
  • Can you detect any electrical noise from the battery?