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Our technicians can fix any air conditioning problem along with providing complete performance checks

Automotive Air Conditioning is a feature found in all vehicles that helps to cool the interiors of the car allowing passengers to travel in comfort even in very hot temperatures. Air conditioning depends on the size of the vehicle and the speed at which you are travelling as the fuel consumption increases while converting warm air into cool air. Air conditioning after installation often requires servicing, repairs, replacement and re-gassing over time.

Leakage of refrigerant is observed when the auto air conditioning system breaks down. This is harmful to the environment and can damage the evaporator and compressor of your vehicle. Going for an air conditioning service as soon as you notice the problematic signs will be both money and time saving. Contact us at PAB Auto Maintenance for an A/C repair or service before any other damage occurs.

At PAB Auto Maintenance, we have ASE certified technicians who can handle any repairs and services of your A/C efficiently at best prices. Over time A/C fittings become loose or at times the O-rings hoses and seals get worn out and the cool refreshing air you have been enjoying suddenly stops.

Our skilled and experienced professionals can diagnose any A/C car issue like

  • Inspect all components of the A/C
  • Run a performance test
  • Performing a system control and system charge test
  • Perform a leak test with the help of an electronic leak detector.

We can carry out the services and repairs of A/Cs of all makes and models of vehicles. Visit us at PAB Auto Maintenance for any of your air conditioning problems and we ensure you will not be disappointed.

All you want to know about Air Conditioning

Air conditioner Freon is the main component of your car’s A/C that cools your car. Freon is basically a halocarbon or refrigerant that circles through the liquid and gas phases of your A/C helping to regulate the car’s temperature. It is essential to ensure that there is no leakage in the A/C Freon in order to maintain the cool temperature of your car.

A/C Freon is of two types. R-12 Freon was used in earlier cars but it has been found to cause ozone depletion. So in 1994 Freon R-12 was outlawed by the Environment Protection Agency. As a result of this R-134A is used instead.

Sometimes when your car A/C is not working it could be due to some common problems like

  • A/C blowing hot air instead of cold air
  • Lack of pressure
  • Does not blow air at all

Such problems often crop up due to a Freon leak that occurs because of a cracked oring seal in the line of A/C, a loose wire, a worn out filter or condenser or due to excessive engine heat radiation. After the technician gets to the root of the problem he will begin on the repairs. Repairing various components of your vehicle’s A/C will include

  • Seals, hoses and O-rings
  • Condensers and Evaporators
  • Compressor or compressor clutch
  • Blower motor
  • Driers, accumulators and receivers
  • Switches and controls.

Many vehicles today leave the factory with 5W-30 or 5w-20 engine oil. Vehicle manufacturers recommend them because they are lighter oils that perform well in a range of temperatures and help improve gas mileage.

The A/C Recharge and Evaluate services are voiding the old Freon from the air conditioning system and then recharging with new Freon. The temperature control and pressure are inspected to ensure everything is working perfectly to carry on a conditioner recharge service.